reflection video

tunnel, light

The weather has changed overnight with the solstice, cooler air came over, a little rain.

It looks very much like we are heading back to a form of lockdown here in Wales. Its good to remember that uncertainty is also indeterminacy.

‘Stop reading the news, just stay in your lane and keep walking. You know what you are doing, so keep doing it. Covid isn’t going away.’ Young people are unsentimental and wise.

Here is a tiny video clip of a tunnel. Once you look around the tunnel, you notice that it has light in it, and reflections playing on the walls. You notice that a person could find something to look at, something to look forward to, even in a tunnel.

(And there is a secret that I will tell you, which is that if you turn around 180 degrees, you will see that the tunnel is open to the wide beach and the wide sea and the wide sky).

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