evening workbench

I had many many thoughts and ideas this evening, and I wanted to write some of them down. There was nowhere to write them though, because I have reached the back cover of my beautiful electric blue sketchbook – and they are the kind of ideas that belong in there, and not in my black notebook.

I need my books and the differences between them. Lets just say because this is part of what I am like, and one of the ways that I manage to show up and work. Colour coding and indexing my notebooks (and knowing where they are at all times) is a way that I can see and keep track of what I am doing.

Running out of room in my electric blue book is a good thing and well timed, because I am certain now that I am standing at the beginning of many things.

I knew immediately what to do. I wrote a few important things down on a scrap of paper with a plum coloured felt-tip pen. Then I prepared the papers and sewed another book right away – if I glue it now, it will be dry in the morning. I have not chosen yet what colour I will use to cover it, but I have some orange book cloth, so that might work.

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