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intaglio printmaking process

I’m just starting working on something exciting with a small piece of scratched perspex that was in the shed. So I’ve washed it and written on it with a sharpie, and now I’m scratching marks into the other side.

I’m going to make artists books that go with writing that I am doing, that communicate the themes and thoughts in the writing – in visual and book-making terms.

So I need something to start with, because I need to start before I am ready – not wait.

Something like intaglio printmaking plates made out of perspex.

Its fair to say that it is very unlikely that anything really good will happen with prints from this piece of perspex – I mean, that what I make won’t work. But I won’t know why it hasn’t worked until I’ve done it and it hasn’t worked. And then I can try something else that doesn’t work either, but gets a tiny bit closer to working. And through doing that I can refine my ideas about what it is that I am trying to get to work.

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