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on emergence

Today, just some gleanings on emergence, some shapes I am trying to grasp and understand, some spirals of thought to follow.

adrienne maree brown, ’emergent strategy’:

“Ferns are a form of fractal. A fractal is an object or quantity that displays self-similarity, which means it looks roughly the same at any scale. Small-scale solutions impact the whole system. Use similar principles to build at all scales.”

“Small is good, small is all. The large is a reflection of the small.”

Mark C Tayor, much harder to understand, on perception, in ‘Refiguring the spiritual’:

“…the brain is not a centralised processor but a distributed network. Perception and cognition are not simply the product of the cogito; to the contrary, the cogito is an emergent phenomenon that is the product of the information processes consitutive of perception and cognition…”


“as we have already discovered, mind and matter – or in this context subject and object – are not separated by an unbridgeable gulf but are coemergent and codependent and function according to similar rules.”

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