art photography


Photographs of the work are not the work, they are a representation of the work. It can become complex, layered, enfolded.

I take a digital photograph using my mobile phone. I get a print shop to print it, and then I draw on it, and screen print words onto it, in layers.

Then, I try to photograph it for a digital display. I discover this: these photographs, all of them, and especially the ones with the gold leaf, do not photograph easily at all. Everything shifts with slight changes in angle, in light. Actually, this is what I love about them. Words come into visibility and out. Whole paragraphs disappear and reappear.

Are they impossible to represent? Not quite. I don’t believe that. It’s just harder, it takes a long time and fortitude. Because I did not want to admit defeat, I felt like there was something so important about them, I wanted so much to show, to share.

One reply on “photographs”

I like it when the camera trys to present what it considers to be the ‘perfect’ exposure; what the camera designers have built into the camera brain. But that’s not always what is required, I like to fiddle with different settings i.e. the EV, until I see what I imagine.


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