featured artist – Angela James

Over the next few weeks I will be featuring a selection of artists for you to explore. All will be exhibiting as part of the Carmarthen School of Art Fine Art Summer Show, from the 10-17 July, at the Old Top Shop, St Catherine’s Walk, Carmarthen.

One of the main reasons that I am looking forward to the Fine Art Summer Show is that it is going to be a great opportunity to experience (in person and up close), some of the delicate and beautiful books and vessels by Angela James.

Angela James: vessel (thread)

Through this recent body of work, Angela has been exploring the elusive and fragmentary qualities of past time – as constituted, or perhaps revealed is a better word, in our memories and histories. As she says, memories are incomplete, unreliable, and disobedient. The intimate scale and the delicate surface qualities of these works draw us in and up close, the objects working to create around themselves quiet spaces for reflection.

Angela writes of her work:

“I explore our tenuous hold on history and memory by creating vessels and books from the most fragile materials, and by reconstructing and ‘remaking’ my old work. Some pieces are on the verge of disintegration, some contain the history of their making.”

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