So very excited and happy to receive new books in the post today – enough for a few months’ reading even! I bought the books with a book token, sent to me as a prize from Carmarthen School of Art, given for my long essay on hope and contemporary art. (Drop me a line if you want me to send you a copy of my award-winning essay, she says with hope….)

I have a very good feeling that these books are going to be wonderfully helpful for me in my work. I’ve read several of them already, and they are so good that I felt I needed to return to them and scrawl all over them with a pencil, which (doubtless quite rightly) is something that feels harder to do in library books…

Robert Macfarlane is, of course, a fantastic writer, and one who has much to say of importance, and Roger Deakin is pure inspirational. I don’t know the work of the other author, Tim Ingold, but his book was recommended to me by Cathryn Gwynn, a wonderful and extremely thoughtful textile artist, who I am very much looking forward to collaborating with in the coming months.

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