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garden work – questions

What are the emotional landscapes that we need to foster in order to support the positive long-term systems (and behaviour ) change that our environmental and climate crises challenges us with?

What does a sophisticated and generous psychology look like, and how can we use that kind of emotional intelligence in this struggle?

How do we remain clear-sighted, and at the same time move into emotions and experiences of belonging?

[Such as curiosity, delight, wonder, joy, gratitude, connection to community, commonality of experience; rather than shame, comparison and anxiety.]

How do we make friends with our fear, and use it as a stimulus?

Where can ordinary people see ourselves within what is described as “the food system”?

How are we nourished, how are we connected, how are we part of the story?

What story do we choose to be part of?

How do we build the habits and systems that we need in order to be part of a better story?

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