drawings, from the woods

The beginning of some experimental drawings I am making. The method for these is to leave the fruiting bodies of King Alfred’s Cakes fungi on paper, and wait for several weeks. This being a continuation of the drawing and photography I have been doing from daily walks at the woods near Cwmmawr, through the early spring.

I am enjoying the contrast and blackness of these, and the pattern of the spread of the spores, which is affected by the size and ripeness of the fungi, and the length of time it is left for. In these ones, there is a lean in one direction, I think where it has been affected by a slight prevailing draft.

King Alfred’s Cakes fungi : a kind which are commonly found living on fallen ash trees and branches in the woods in West Wales

I did also try using some collected spores with a little medium, as a thin paint – with interesting effects.

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