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from the print workshop

I’m beginning experiments in printmaking. I have in my mind working towards folding artist’s books or scroll forms, but at the moment am really just experimenting and teaching myself (again) how to work in this way, and getting familiar with processes and materials.

These are all monotypes, which are one-off prints, in contrast with many forms of print-making, where one works towards making multiple editions (copies) of a print.

I am still playing with repetition and multiplicity, a thing I absolutely love about print processes, but in this case within the individual prints themselves. I’ve been finding potentials in printing with plant materials, in this case seedlings and a few ferns. I’ve mostly pre-pressed them in a flower press. I’ve found that the juices in plants cause very unpredictable (but also very interesting) effects in the print process, especially where they mingle with oil-based inks.

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