joy series

I’ve been working on a series of monotype prints (unique prints) since March or April of this year, returning to work on them one morning a week at the print studio. It’s amazing how a series of work can build. One small step and then another.

The leaves are from the post industrial sites in the valley, collected whilst walking. They then have to be pressed before being used. I’ve especially been enjoying gathering ones that have holes eaten by insects.

The prints themselves are made using oil-based inks that have been thinned and applied to dry paper using a reduction monotype method, layering different colours starting from the yellow, and using leaves and torn or cut paper stencils.

I’m still experimenting, at the moment scaling up to plates that are about 12 inches square, and at the same time making very small prints to play with variations in colour and layering, and using different blues and yellows.

2 replies on “joy series”

Thank you so much again for sharing this work. (Your email round robin earlier in the week.) And it’s lovely to see how it’s developing full of colour and energy which is just what we need this time of year. You really seem to have made this process your own. Warmest wishes and hope all is well.


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