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desk top landscape

Desk top landscape.

Gleanings from today’s readings:

Arte Útil : Useful art / Art as a Tool

Artists = instigators

A spiritually necessary art.

art video

oak tree

A short video that is influenced by talking with some amazing people in the ‘Akimbo’ creatives workshop, including artist Jamuna Barry – and some writing and images that she made, about the ways in which trees and fungi help one another, or otherwise. Silently, and underground.

Here is a link to Jamuna’s blog post about the ‘wood-wide-web’:

art reflection

shipping joy

An outline business plan?

What would that be like?

Why do I feel so happy?

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a small book

This post is about a small book that I’ve made about being a person – its to start out my journey at this, my new website and blog address.