art photography

photos with gold

working on these gilded photos again…

artists books video

folding an envelope, thinking things through

(Thanks to Roz Moreton for showing me how to make this a few days ago).

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on simplicity

What is simplicity? Not something narrowing, or closed. In the context of multiplicity, abundance, a full universe, what do we mean by looking for what is simple, longing for the simple? Is it elegance: like the use of Occam’s razor say – a direct route? Or is it to do with leaving behind that which […]

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putting things together

I’m now running out of space in my studio for my body – every surface is heaped, including the floor, the chairs, the tables, the shelves, the drawers… The picture shows the pile on my desk which is touching my left elbow as I write. It is a few of the things I am putting […]

art drawing

words and drawings

Today trying out words and drawings together. I’m quite hopeful about this, these are three test pieces that I made with some small drawings that were lying on the workbench – I’ve written them with moveable-type letterpress letters that I’ve borrowed. You can see the metal moveable-type in the picture. You probably have seen these […]

artists books painting

night desk

Just spending a moment tonight looking through what I have made earier today, and wondering where to start next tomorrow. (Answer – one thing at a time, one day at a time, start with colour mixing.) Aims for tomorrow and the week: To explore. To step outside of comfortable. To not be precious. To not […]

artists books drawing

drawing with card

Drawing doesn’t have to be on paper, it can be with paper – or today with card and objects. I don’t have a clear idea where I am going, but I’m wanting to experiment with some artist-book forms, and so I feel like I need to play with shapes, and to bypass my mind and […]

light photography

more small framing experiments

a few more small experiments this eveninggusty wind, light rain and a strange glow over the sea

drawing painting


drawing my pile of acorns today, before I plant them…

art drawing

more drawing

Doing some work on my large drawing today, the one based on ripples in water. I’ve added egg tempera paint, made with egg yolk, pigment and water – a most magical substance with a beautiful surface and shine. Just mixing it is such a pleasure!