artists books painting

little books of the mountain

And a video, a reading of one of my little books of the mountain:

painting photography

mixed-media works

I’ve been printing short randomised parts from my notebook onto small mixed-media photos and watercolour paintings, to make pieces of work in response to walking through the winter months at the mountain at dusk. In order to do it, I’ve been working on improving my screen printing skills, and finding a good way to set […]


Testing cyanotypes

Working on the cyanotypes today, trying things out and making tests, enjoying a bit of sun on the face.

art photography

photos with gold

working on these gilded photos again…

artists books painting

two paintings

The windows in my room face west, and today the sun streamed in, just at five o’clock, lighting up the chair where I was propping up some test paintings. These paintings are done with watercolour, coffee and ink. I like the coffee because it half resists, half mixes with the paints, but its mucky, especially […]

artists books drawing

drawing with card

Drawing doesn’t have to be on paper, it can be with paper – or today with card and objects. I don’t have a clear idea where I am going, but I’m wanting to experiment with some artist-book forms, and so I feel like I need to play with shapes, and to bypass my mind and […]

art painting

make your own damn art

Today, a very quick look at a painting and a painter to cheer us up. Click the link to see the painting, which is called ‘make your own damn art’. The artist is Bob and Roberta Smith (one person). He has painted this using sign-painting techniques, and I love it that he is sending us […]

drawing painting


drawing my pile of acorns today, before I plant them…

art drawing

large tree drawings

Today’s post is just a signpost to my large tree drawings, which I did around this time last year: Have a look at my tree drawings projects page if you’d like to see more.

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truth & art

This is a post to help me to think about truth & art; about information and misinformation. Because I have been thinking about them this week, I am going to show you in the direction of a group of creatives who were nominated for the Turner Prize (for Contemporary Artists) in Britain in 2018 – […]