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Evening Desk

Testing lots of combinations today – ending the day half way through…

artists books video

folding books

artists books painting

night desk

Just spending a moment tonight looking through what I have made earier today, and wondering where to start next tomorrow. (Answer – one thing at a time, one day at a time, start with colour mixing.)

Aims for tomorrow and the week:

To explore. To step outside of comfortable. To not be precious. To not hold on to things. To step towards my audience. To begin. To carry through. To immerse myself in the work. To enjoy the process.

art painting

mixed media studies

I trimmed down the torn and yucky edges of all the small studies today – to look at them more easily, and without unintentional distractions. Looking at the thing I have made is part of the work – is work. Although it doesn’t look like I’m doing much.

The idea is to unfocussedly look, letting my mind wander into possibilities and into seeing them as if I don’t know them, and also to look in a more analytical mode at what I have got – to see what I want to take forward for the next batch.

Tomorrow’s work is to try and learn something and write down what it is that I have learned. Write some things I want to try next. After that, to start again, do some more on better pieces of paper.

art painting

mixed-media experiments

working towards creating a language of marks – for small scroll paintings I want to make. using a mixture of strange and beautiful materials – many failed experiments today

(teaching me humility, and all about the ways not to paint with sachets of double choc mocha, watercolour, instant coffee, ink, meths, wax, and varnish)

art drawing painting

garden paintings, 2020

Just to let you know, I have added a page to my project pages on this website – for my garden paintings of earlier this year.

These mixed media drawings and paintings, looking close-in at very small growing things. They were made in my garden during the coronavirus lock-down here in Wales.

To put it simply, they are about drawing attention to ordinary things and opening up to momentary joys, and the feeling of being in love with the world.

art artists books

artists’ book

Working today on a folding book for my collaborative book project with Suzie Ross.

art drawing

evening workbench photo


studio workbench

works in progress on the bench – carrying on with watercolours, for my collaborative work with Suzie Ross – text transcribed from the small joys that I collected a few weeks ago from friends

a very lovely and simple one: “collecting blackberries this morning from a bridleway where I spotted a ripe patch yesterday”

the colour I used matched the blackberries, but that was by chance as I had already painted the paper before I read it

this time I’m putting the first marks down and Suzie will add to them – mindful that I need to leave enough space for a conversation!