mynydd llangyndeyrn

This evening much colder. Up onto Mynydd Llangyndeyrn, following the road to the cattle grids, then crossing the common and climbing up to the right on to the ridge above the standing stone. Walking round to the east. A hawthorn tree tangled in sky, on the ground low brambles looping and scratching across jeans and […]

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on perception : information and noise

These photographs are taken with a mobile phone camera this evening on Mynydd Llangyndeyrn. In digital photography, something called ‘noise’ appears in photographs taken at low light levels, making the image grainy. What we are seeing as graininess is randomness in the image. Either the constantly present randomness in photography – a question of which […]

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shifting sands

Some days I’d like to have an overview, of my life, of my work. See what the pattern is, that can’t always make out. Climb to the top and look out over the sands and the waters. As a person might climb to the high point of the castle at Llansteffan, and stand and look […]

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oak tree, Pentremawr Colliery

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Gathering my thoughts in the woods today, also seeing and hearing interesting things

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mindful photography

Today an online session with my arts group led by the photographer Ray Hobbs. Ray showed photos from his own home, photos of family pictures, objects, places. And encouraged us to walk around our home mindfully, and with a camera, looking at things around us. At the end we shared our photographs and stories. It […]