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from the woods…

watching the spring unfolding in the woods opposite the Dynant Fawr Colliery site, Cwm Mawr, Carmarthenshire


birdsong and rugby practice

walking this morning – and i was cutting across a coal spoil heap that is overgrown with woodland, right by the rugby pitch in the park, i ducked under some branches that were heavy with ivy, and suddenly realised that i had stepped into a listening chamber : it seemed to be a special morning […]

reflection video


Tiny video to share – taken from a footbridge over the River Gwendraeth this morning.


morning photo

Such a day that this has been – unfocussed, muddled, long. I trust that somewhere in the mess something good is hidden. It started well, and there is a haiku in these photos, or rather in what I saw when I took them first thing this morning. I just need a bit of time to […]

art photography

two photographs

Ash, evening light and oak, morning light.