art photography

photos (strange ones)

continuing with the thought of using gold leaf to create gilded landscape photos.

these are strange, and very imperfect, but I’m persevering, I feel like there may be something yet to come from it.

art painting

mixed media studies

I trimmed down the torn and yucky edges of all the small studies today – to look at them more easily, and without unintentional distractions. Looking at the thing I have made is part of the work – is work. Although it doesn’t look like I’m doing much.

The idea is to unfocussedly look, letting my mind wander into possibilities and into seeing them as if I don’t know them, and also to look in a more analytical mode at what I have got – to see what I want to take forward for the next batch.

Tomorrow’s work is to try and learn something and write down what it is that I have learned. Write some things I want to try next. After that, to start again, do some more on better pieces of paper.

art photography

photo experiments, more small steps

continuing my experiments with photos today, this time with gold leaf

for the first, i painted on the glue / size in the shape of an arch

for the second, i poured it on with water and let it dry on the radiator

small steps

drawing photography

experiments, photos

I’ve made a few experiments in finding out what happens when photographic paper and photographic prints are painted with ink

( the answer? it depends on the ink, and to the extent that I had expectations, its not what I expected …)