art reflection


Today revisiting my work of the last few months; considering what ties it together. Thinking about how to select work for exhibition, what story to tell, and how to tell it. I have not answered the questions which I have raised, but I am making a start.

I will show work made at the mountain, at the time of the drawing down of dark, the limits and ends of perception. Enclosing darkness: dusk, falling light, colours glowing up then fading out. Seen, unseen, disappearing, dissolving. There is a blind spot in our eyes: it makes vision possible. There is a fuzzy edge of shadow, where information and noise mingle.

Why look at these things, why paint them? I might have wanted to make the mountain into an observatory, to be able to find truth and share it, to say “I saw that. I went back to the same mountain every day, and this was revealed…” Any truth that was was revealed to me was not a bright mountain. Looking into the fading light, what I saw from the corner of my eye was the hard strangeness of the ordinary; small, dim, partial, multiple, murky, changing, mysterious.

photography reflection

shifting sands

Some days I’d like to have an overview, of my life, of my work. See what the pattern is, that can’t always make out. Climb to the top and look out over the sands and the waters.

As a person might climb to the high point of the castle at Llansteffan, and stand and look over Carmarthen Bay, and try to take a reading from the shifting sands.

Here are some questions:

What and who am I grateful for?
Who do I need to forgive, and do I forgive them?
From whom do I need to seek forgiveness?
And do I forgive myself first of all?
What do I love and who do I love?
How do I choose to live my love?