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Today revisiting my work of the last few months; considering what ties it together. Thinking about how to select work for exhibition, what story to tell, and how to tell it. I have not answered the questions which I have raised, but I am making a start. I will show work made at the mountain, […]

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I’ve been researching, and I wanted to introduce you to Vatnasafn, the ‘Library of Water’, a sculptural installation created in Iceland by Roni Horn. Vatnasafn is an archive of waters and weathers, housed in a hill-top building that used to be the town library of Stykkishólmur. Instead of its books, the building now holds a […]

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good enough

This is about publishing. Putting the work out there. Good enough. Not good enough. Invisible. And now I realise that ‘not good enough’ is good enough.(It is good enough because it is good enough for now, for today. It is good enough provided that there is generosity of intention, and provided that there is integrity). […]