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I’ve been researching, and I wanted to introduce you to Vatnasafn, the ‘Library of Water’, a sculptural installation created in Iceland by Roni Horn.

Vatnasafn is an archive of waters and weathers, housed in a hill-top building that used to be the town library of Stykkishólmur. Instead of its books, the building now holds a collection of waters in twenty-four tall glass columns, collected as ice from twenty-four of Iceland’s glaciers. The columns are surrounded by windows to the town, sea and sky, with weather words written into the floor, as well as an archive of weather reports from local people.

It is a generous space, where the ‘art’ stands back quietly, and the viewers can find a place for being. For reflection, contemplation and community. A place for feeling out the connections between climate and culture. What we have, and therefore what we stand to lose.

Probably the best thing is to link you to the website, which has pictures.

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good enough

This is about publishing. Putting the work out there.

Good enough. Not good enough. Invisible.

And now I realise that ‘not good enough’ is good enough.
(It is good enough because it is good enough for now, for today. It is good enough provided that there is generosity of intention, and provided that there is integrity).

‘Invisible’ is the option that is not an option, that is not good enough.

I still feel that in some senses, hiding is part of living a dignified life. Part of the transformation of living – the part that happens in the cocoon. There will always be the need to protect a solitude, the need for a privacy.

It is when hiding becomes an unexamined habit, a denial of transformation and of growth, that hiding starts to do damage to the fabric – to the fabric of oneself, and because that fabric is woven in, to the whole fabic.

This is because there is no such thing as passive. Passive is an action. Just like ignorance is a position. We may wish we had the option, we may actually have the option (temporarily), but in the long run, we do not have the option. To not feel it. To withdraw indefinitely. To sucede. To never trust. To never love. To never give.