art reflection

thinking with my hands

I made some short videos today, of myself, making little books out of post-it notes. The work feels good and also not yet quite right, both at the same time… I’ll share the most succinct, a tiny, quick book about book-binding. This was work of thinking with my hands, feeling my way towards something important. […]



Working with my letter to myself about keeping things unresolved. These pictures were taken today whilst I was laying my work out on a very large table, making some tests towards an ‘installation’ of the work in a loose and open format (for a virtual exhibition). I still don’t know exactly what a virtual exhibition […]


leaving it unresolved

Pondering on leaving things open and unresolved – creating an encounter rather than an outcome, say. Unresolved means open. To change. To sky, air, possibility, encounter. Like an open book, leaving space for dreaming. This reminds me of the process of making collage, the part where I lay out the pieces in relationship, and leave […]