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large tree drawings

Today’s post is just a signpost to my large tree drawings, which I did around this time last year:

Have a look at my tree drawings projects page if you’d like to see more.



I have today made some project pages for my website, to share some of my work.

I am really happy to say that they are not perfect or complete or sophisticated pages.

And to note that some pages is much better than none at all.

I invite you to see them and I hope you will find at least one thing to enjoy:



I spent some time today reverse engineering little boxes of raisins ( I took the raisins out first). Before that, I’d also spent quite a while examining matchboxes in our massive new Home Bargains, and measuring them with my tape-measure, before rejecting them. I was quite careful about spreading infection, and I also needed some other things for the house, but I still felt a bit guilty about the global pandemic, and wondered how essential the work was. Many people were in each shop. I saw no-one else doing as I was doing, although many people were dithering, and looking like they were having a good day out. [And one woman was walking up and down holding a tablecloth in a packet and having a lengthy video call about it. Actually she reminded me of two women I once saw at the National Museum and Gallery for Wales in Cardiff. I had travelled 100 miles to see a painting of a cathedral by Constable that was on loan to the gallery, and which was indeed very impressive. They had also borrowed a few others, including a beautiful painting by Van Gogh. I was standing and looking and thinking about paintings, when two women came by with a stroller, saying something about ‘that would look nice in the living room on the wall behind the sofa’, which was a bit strange because Constable made very big paintings. So I was wondering about what kind of house they lived in, and I listened more as they walked across the room and out the other side, and I realised that they were actually talking about the wall-paper, and did not glance at any painting in the room. This was a very interesting and very grounding experience for me. I’m not exactly sure why the woman in the shop reminded me of the encounter, something about the intensity.]

The decision is a difficult one. Matchboxes are in many ways nicer. But raisin boxes are easier to make and have a certain charm…


joseph beuys (I)

This will be the first of a number of posts about Joseph Beuys. Because he is a creative hero, and because I am writing about him in an essay, and I want to share the good bits here – as and when I write them.

A shaman alchemist artist; an artist of transformation, generosity, pedagogy, healing, mythology, landscape, substance, objects.

And there is this element of Beuys’ work :

“Beuys appropriates many of alchemy’s basic tenets. Most important, he maintains that creativity is not only the distinguishing mark of the artist but is also the point of union between the divine and the human.”

(The quote is from Refiguring the Spiritual by Mark C.Taylor).

There is much to live up to.

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a small book

This post is about a small book that I’ve made about being a person – its to start out my journey at this, my new website and blog address.