mountain notes

Working on my writing today, I had a moment of joy after transcribing & then randomising my mountain record journal, and seeing what came from that. Some strange (very strange) and heart-catching beauty has been revealed, and I feel like I can do something wonderful with bits of it, (ie. combining parts of the text […]

on time, 2:

I am still reading ‘The Order of Time‘ by Carlo Rovelli. From where do we get the word ‘time’? From a word origin *da ‘to divide’. It seems that perhaps from the very beginning we have done it – to divide things up somehow, to find a pattern, a rhythm. There is circular time (as […]

scrolls – watercolour and ink

To see better. To see better more often. Like a child sees, open and learning. And to communicate this intensity, this openness, this vulnerability. In as much as we all have potential for connection, and in as much as the ordinary can unfold into being suddenly extraordinary, the work is to open a door onto […]

river sounds, gwendraeth fawr

Here is a short piece of sound clip from the Gwendraeth River from near to my house – very restful, very watery, as we have had nothing but rain for the last three weeks, unless you also count the snow …

inside low cloud, dusk

Rain and low cloud this evening on the mountain – good conditions for observing (and trying to photograph) the moment when things become indeterminate and disappear. Inside cloud, up high near the top, wind blowing and shoving, light rain now on now off, water pooling all around my feet, and feeling myself to be standing […]

drawing with card

Drawing doesn’t have to be on paper, it can be with paper – or today with card and objects. I don’t have a clear idea where I am going, but I’m wanting to experiment with some artist-book forms, and so I feel like I need to play with shapes, and to bypass my mind and […]

researches on time

More rambling researches on time. I have borrowed a hand held sundial, and yesterday managed to tell the time with it by setting the dial to February, holding it in the first bit of sunlight I had been side-on to for days, and looking to see where a spot of light hit the numbers inside […]

photo experiments, more small steps

continuing my experiments with photos today, this time with gold leaf for the first, i painted on the glue / size in the shape of an arch for the second, i poured it on with water and let it dry on the radiator small steps


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