drawing from the other side

i’ve carried on experimenting with monotype prints over the last month. less thinking, more drawing drawing like i cannot see, like i am in a dream drawing from the other side of the mirror of the land more praising more gratitude more joy and more sorrow more honesty more beauty more dancing with the materials

a hopeful art practice: more investigations into art and ethics

One very intriguing direction in which we can continue to think about ethics in art is through considering the “first philosophy” of ethics, developed in the twentieth century by the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas. I am going to look at some of his ideas, and then see how we can deepen our understanding by relating them […]

wildflower stories from Kidwelly

I’ll share with you here some images of wildflowers tended and loved by Kidwelly Common Ground group at Glan yr Afon in Kidwelly. I’m grateful for, and so much enjoying my Wednesday mornings with the group, and hoping over time to be able to develop some prints or other works from the sessions, and my […]

more monotypes

I’m going to share images of more monotype prints that I’ve been making in the last few days, once more related to the morning walks in the woods. Feeling my way towards a way of communicating something about the experiences. These are made by drawing directly onto the back of paper that has been placed […]

hope and art : what is useful art?

Last time, thinking about a hopeful art practice, I wrote about Tanya Bruguera, and her comments about “useful art”. “Useful art is a way of working with aesthetic experiences that focus on the implementation of art in society, where art’s function is no longer to be a space for signalling problems, but a place from […]

Afon Goch monotypes

I am gradually building up a series of trials and tests of prints through weekly visits to open access sessions at Swansea Print Workshop. I don’t exactly know where they will go, but as I work I am getting a very good idea of what is possible and impossible, and taking note, as I learn, […]

a hopeful art practice : useful art

In 2013, Tanya Bruguera initiated and curated a project called the “Museum of Arte Útil“, in which examples and templates of “useful art” were made freely available, and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven was opened up for use by community organisations. In her opening speech, Tanya Bruguera said: “art as ‘as-ethics’, this is a term […]

a hopeful art practice: the commons

In my last blog post on a hopeful art practice, we looked at a work by the sculptor Joseph Beuys called “7000 Eichen”. Joseph Beuys was invited to make his work as a contribution to the 1982 contemporary art exhibition in Kassel, “Documenta 7”. From the beginning of the project, he made it very clear […]

from the woods…

watching the spring unfolding in the woods opposite the Dynant Fawr Colliery site, Cwm Mawr, Carmarthenshire

a hopeful art practice – learning from Joseph Beuys

In a work which examines our understandings of “time”, the philosopher Elizabeth Grosz identifies two tendencies in how politics works through time. The first is what politics is often imagined to be. It is in the rational mode – politics as administration and the effort to implement plans, based on principles. The second tendency falls […]


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