a book of letters

A small gallery of photos of the final version of one of my books of letters, made from photographs of Mynydd Llangyndeyrn and letters I had written to myself. They are hand printed, using cyanotype print processes and toned with green tea, and I am very pleased with the work.


Photographs of the work are not the work, they are a representation of the work. It can become complex, layered, enfolded. I take a digital photograph using my mobile phone. I get a print shop to print it, and then I draw on it, and screen print words onto it, in layers. Then, I try […]

evening light paintings

I’ve been working, in series with my books and drawings of the mountain, on these paintings of the evening drawing in, darkness falling.

drawing from video

I’ve finished a large drawing today, done from a video taken on a February evening, as night was falling on Mynydd Llangyndeyrn. This is one of a series of three (so far) linked drawings:

mixed-media works

I’ve been printing short randomised parts from my notebook onto small mixed-media photos and watercolour paintings, to make pieces of work in response to walking through the winter months at the mountain at dusk. In order to do it, I’ve been working on improving my screen printing skills, and finding a good way to set […]


Today revisiting my work of the last few months; considering what ties it together. Thinking about how to select work for exhibition, what story to tell, and how to tell it. I have not answered the questions which I have raised, but I am making a start. I will show work made at the mountain, […]


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