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I want to briefly let you know about an exhibition of tiny books which I worked on with Jen Herzig Smith, held in alittle_spacegallery, a fabulous mobile gallery created and curated by South Wales-based artist TEMMAH.

Jen and I envisioned our show in the gallery space as a tiny library, able to be carried around and shared.

photo by Roz Moreton, Creative Producer

The exhibition linked the work of Jen and I together through artists’ books made in response to our very close local places: mine in the Gwendraeth Valley in West Wales; Jen’s in Eagle Rock, North-East Los Angeles, California.

The work is our assertion that local and personal actions are needed to address the sense of disconnection that comes from a damaging worldview resting on economics of scarcity and exploitation of people and land. In this project we wanted to reclaim our sense of belonging in our own places, through the work of close attention.

My own books were made in response to time spent this year walking in and through disused industrial sites, here in the valley.

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