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from the garden …

I’ve been at Penlan Uchaf again this week at Banc Organics catching up with everyone, and spending time with the seedlings, doing some drawing.

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garden work – questions

What are the emotional landscapes that we need to foster in order to support the positive long-term systems (and behaviour ) change that our environmental and climate crises challenges us with? What does a sophisticated and generous psychology look like, and how can we use that kind of emotional intelligence in this struggle? How do […]


starting something…

I’m starting a new project, connecting artists with specific patches of land: gardens, commons, public spaces. It’s a project of celebration, and has to do with land, food, joy and belonging. I was thinking of the project as a patchwork: a project of connection, repair, usefulness and beauty. A friend of mine who is all […]

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Unbound – some thoughts, notes and reflections

This exhibition? A loosening… Being in a garden that is not a highly controlled space, but rough, jumbly. Seeing what would come without seeking control, without over working. The joy of being in there with these people, the privilege of friendship, of sharing time together. And I was beguiled, caught up in curiosity to come […]