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folding an envelope, thinking things through

(Thanks to Roz Moreton for showing me how to make this a few days ago).

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Today I read this:

“Did you ever say “Yes” to one joy? Oh my friends, then you also said “Yes” to all pain. All things are entwined, enmeshed, enamored –

– did you ever want Once to be Twice, did you ever say “I love you, bliss – instant – flash” – then you wanted everything back.

– Everything anew, everything forever, everything entwined, enmeshed, enamored – oh, thus you love the world

– you everlasting ones, thus you love it forever and for all time; even to pain you say: Refrain but

– come again! For joy accepts everlasting flow!

Crazy vulnerable amazing – from Nietzsche.

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a video fragment

A fragment of another book of the dark (video), made on Mynydd Llangyndeyrn.

There is something that I like very much about this one, it may be that what I like about it is that it is so deeply imperfect, to the point of awkward.

A bitter-sharp wind. My hands clumsy, numb fingers sticking out of fingerless gloves, feet stumbling as I was turning.

[To see the best of this video, it helps if you cut down the relflected light in your room].

light video

three breaths

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a pair of black books

A pair of tiny black books, part of my collaborative book project with Suzie Ross. I sat in the sun on a wall by a river with Suzie today, and drew and talked about our project. Very excited to pick these books up from her today, together with some others for me to keep working on.

The next thing for this project will be to make a page here on my website, so that I can show the pieces of work as we are developing them together over the coming months.