featured artist – Angela James

Over the next few weeks I will be featuring a selection of artists for you to explore. All will be exhibiting as part of the Carmarthen School of Art Fine Art Summer Show, from the 10-17 July, at the Old Top Shop, St Catherine’s Walk, Carmarthen. One of the main reasons that I am looking […]


on time, 2:

I am still reading ‘The Order of Time‘ by Carlo Rovelli. From where do we get the word ‘time’? From a word origin *da ‘to divide’. It seems that perhaps from the very beginning we have done it – to divide things up somehow, to find a pattern, a rhythm. There is circular time (as […]

light reflection

researches on time

More rambling researches on time. I have borrowed a hand held sundial, and yesterday managed to tell the time with it by setting the dial to February, holding it in the first bit of sunlight I had been side-on to for days, and looking to see where a spot of light hit the numbers inside […]