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Unbound – some thoughts, notes and reflections

This exhibition? A loosening… Being in a garden that is not a highly controlled space, but rough, jumbly. Seeing what would come without seeking control, without over working. The joy of being in there with these people, the privilege of friendship, of sharing time together. And I was beguiled, caught up in curiosity to come […]


featured artist – Angela James

Over the next few weeks I will be featuring a selection of artists for you to explore. All will be exhibiting as part of the Carmarthen School of Art Fine Art Summer Show, from the 10-17 July, at the Old Top Shop, St Catherine’s Walk, Carmarthen. One of the main reasons that I am looking […]


on time, 2:

I am still reading ‘The Order of Time‘ by Carlo Rovelli. From where do we get the word ‘time’? From a word origin *da ‘to divide’. It seems that perhaps from the very beginning we have done it – to divide things up somehow, to find a pattern, a rhythm. There is circular time (as […]

light reflection

researches on time

More rambling researches on time. I have borrowed a hand held sundial, and yesterday managed to tell the time with it by setting the dial to February, holding it in the first bit of sunlight I had been side-on to for days, and looking to see where a spot of light hit the numbers inside […]